Events & Parties in Medford

Our Events & Parties Are Fun + Fitness!

Take your barre fitness class to the next level by planning an event or party around your workout! From a girl's night out, squeezing in a great barre workout along with a bottle of wine, to enjoying better fitness alongside the people who matter most, our team at Barre B can help you create the perfect intersection between fun and fitness

Join us in Medford and plan your next party with Barre B! Our team will help you get the most fun, and the best workout, both in the same visit. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you bond with friends, smile with family, or connect with coworkers through barre, just fill out the short form below!

Our Events & Parties Help You Create Stronger Ties

Fitness helps people bond. Barre is no exception -- our team at Barre B settled in Medford in the hopes that we could help our community grow together through unique fitness classes that are supportive and empowering. Our events and parties are about helping you bring your friends, your family, and your coworkers into a space where they will be uplifted... and where you can have a little fun together! 

Our events & parties offer:
  • A fun & supportive space where you can enjoy fitness
  • Specialized planning to help make each event perfect
  • A supportive, empowering, & uplifting atmosphere
  • Total customization to get you the gathering you want 

No matter what your goals are for your next gathering, our team at Barre B is proud to help you turn the vision in your mind into a reality at our studio! We're always open to help people from around Medford, Ashland, and Central Point craft the perfect moment. Just give us a call and let us know what you need!

Plan Your Next Event Or Party at Barre B!

Our mission at Barre B is to have a positive impact on the Medford community, and that can take many forms. It can mean helping women improve their fitness and reclaim their confidence. It can mean Gentle Barre classes to help people rehabilitate after surgery. It can even just mean a night of wine and fitness at our studio... so whatever you're planning, plan it with us!

To learn more about our event and party options, just fill out the form below!

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