Meet Your Barretender-Story

Meet Your Barretender-Story

Hey Barre Babes!

I’m getting ready for my noon class and thought I would give this blog thing a try. I will be updating you on the studio’s latest events, class changes, new barre-tenders, nutrition guides, and whatever pops into my head that I think you might enjoy!

I also wanted to introduce myself. It may seem to a lot of you that I (and Barre B) just popped out of nowhere and you’re kinda right! I was born in Portland but moved to Lakewood, a small suburb of SouthWest Denver, when I was 4 years old. I grew up in a family of hardworking, humble musicians and my childhood mostly consisted of piano recitals and taking care of the four children that came after me. I did not play sports, being told I probably had asthma like both of my parents, but always loved riding my bike around the park and hiking the Rocky Mountains.

My interest in health and wellness began in middle school when I watched a very disturbing documentary ( can’t remember which one but there was pig guts) and started researching a vegetarian lifestyle. I felt that for my own body, the meat industry’s global footprint, and the gross mistreatment of animals, I could no longer eat meat with a good conscience.

In 2011, a trip to West Africa left me with malaria and parasites and I returned to the States underweight and with a wrecked GI tract. Thus began the perfect storm. A teenager with low self-esteem, a strict diet (with most food giving me intolerable pain), high anxiety, an unstable home life, and other variables both in and out of my control created an eating disorder that would almost kill me.

I can tell you right now that I have done every diet, cleanse, and workout routine out there. Paleo, keto, vegan, GAPS, master cleanse, juice cleanse, clean, not clean, just coffee and Diet Coke, just coffee and laxatives, bulimia, intermittent fasting, constant fasting. I was weak, depressed, anxious, and rarely left my bed, too self conscious about my “disgusting body” to have a normal social life. I didn’t exercise because I could barely move. I was constantly cold and bloated. My teeth were rotting. I was losing my voice which was really hard for me since singing and playing the piano had been such a huge part of my life. I still have horrible acid reflux that will never go away. I was in out-patient rehab and the doctors told me it was unlikely I would live to my 18th birthday.

I can’t tell you exactly what was the turning point. There was a core group of friends and family that loved and supported me. I found my music again. I went on anti-depressants for the anxiety. My therapist and I made a goal that I would be healthy enough to run a 5k in a year. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. And I moved to Kauai.

Kauai saved my life. Well, my family on Kauai saved my life. Within a year, I started eating normally and the voice that told me I was fat and disgusting got quieter every day. I started running and found that the slow rhythm of my feet on the pavement lowered my anxiety with every step. I ran that 5k, which turned into many 5ks, 2 half marathons, and 2 full marathons. I felt strong and powerful and proud of myself. I wanted to help everyone feel that way about themselves, regardless of where they started. I knew what it was like to feel betrayed by your body and to have an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I knew I could connect with people. So I started my ACE training.

I finished my credentials and became a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist in 2015. I was building meal plans and workout schedules for people around the country, sending their groceries to their homes with recipes, addressing not only their physical needs, but psychological as well. (Do you eat or starve when you are stressed? Happy? Upset? What times of the day are you hungry? What foods do you love? Hate? How can we build a meal that will make you happy AND healthy?) It was around the same time that I discovered barre. I loved how insanely effective the smallest movements were, and how good it made me feel. I was hooked. I started teaching that year at a studio in Princeville. At the same time, though, I was teaching piano and getting a lot of students, so barre was put on the back burner.

I missed barre. A lot. So I built a studio in our oversized garage and I started teaching again. I loved watching the class grow and improve every week, strengthening and lengthening their bodies, loving the results that other workout routines just weren’t providing.

When we were talking about moving to Shady Cove, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. The second I learned there wasn’t a single barre studio between Sacramento and Eugene, I knew that was it. Barre B was formed. It is my mission to provide a safe environment for women to feel supported and encouraged to reach their goals. By goals, I don’t mean fitness goals. Because you don’t need to be a fitness junkie to benefit from barre. If you want more energy, mental clarity, and stamina for your day to day activities, I guarantee you will notice improvements in these areas and more after just one class.

When new barre babes walk into the studio, I hear far too often, “I was so anxious to come!” Women have been conditioned to feel self-conscious and judged every time they work out. Whether it’s avoiding creepy stares from the weight rack, or wandering around confused as to where to start, the gym is intimidating. In Barre B, you are warmly greeted and told what light equipment to grab and where to place your mat for class. There is never any competition because your health shouldn’t be a competition. Your “new PR” will never be posted on a board. And while barre is extremely effective, it is equally safe. 3 lb weights will not throw out your back the way a 150 lb deadlift will. I am not hating on other workouts as everyone has their own style and system that works for them. BUT, time and time again, women have come into barre with injuries and are shocked that they can get the same (and usually better) results from small movements with light weights.

When you join Barre B, you are supporting a woman (me) who is creating a community of women supporting other women (you.) I will ask you what moves you like, what moves work, and what moves you need a little more help on. I want feedback and criticism so I can provide the best class for you.

So please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about Barre B, or just come by to say hi! No obligations, just results. First class is free!

Thank you for reading about the piano teacher from Denver with small weights and big plans. I am very excited to serve the Medford Community!

See you at the barre!

-Story | Owner

Barre B


670 Superior Ct STE 103

Medford, OR 97504

PS. Please show me any and all vegetarian restaurants in the area! Bean burritos just aren’t cutting it anymore:(

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