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  • Hot Girl Summer Is Over-What Now?

    October is here. This means that we are, without a doubt, in the middle of Fall. Kids are back in school, you haven't pulled your swimsuit out in a couple weeks, and you're turning the car heater on first thing in the morning. I know what I was thinking. This summer was full of lazy river beers, wine tasting, nachos by the pool, and a whole lot of sunbathing. And that is why October is full of exciting announcements like *drum roll* *2 WEEKS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES FOR $49! *2 WEEK CHALLENGE OCTOBER 14TH-28TH *FREE BARRE WORKSHOP OCTOBER 27TH TIME FOR A RESET. We had an amazing 30 Day March Challenge that you ladies absolutely conquered. One month of no refined sugars or ....

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  • A True Series Of Snowballed Unfortunate Events

    A True Series Of Snowballed Unfortunate Events

    It’s the last day of April and boy do I have a story for YOU. I want to personally thank all of my barre babes who have patiently been riding the waves of the past couple weeks with cancelled or poorly taught/injured classes. We made it to the other side! But I feel like I should explain everything that has been going on. Opening scene: April 28th: Me, walking down the highway in Redding, California at sunset, dripping sweat. My right arm is black and blue, I have no money, my phone is dead, I have a concussion and am painfully swallowing my last few sips of water. In one hand is a suitcase and in the other is a greyhound bus ticket printed on a 4x6 photo. This is the ....

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  • My Body Is Not A Resolution

    My Body Is Not A Resolution

    December 31st, 2018 10:00pm I’m going to turn my life around. I’ve gained 10 pounds in the past couple months so I’m going to lose FIFTY by February. Despite never waking up before 8 am willingly in my entire life, I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week at 5 am. Even though I have had dessert every night for the past 20 years, I’m never touching sugar again. And that glass of wine I have multiple times a week before bed? Nope. Sober for life. Room temperature lemon water ONLY. January 1st, 2019 5:00 am N ot gonna make it to the gym. January 1st, 2019 8:00 am Ok, still on track. Went to the gym. Ran/walked for 30 minutes on ....

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  • Meet Your Barretender-Story

    Meet Your Barretender-Story

    Hey Barre Babes! I’m getting ready for my noon class and thought I would give this blog thing a try. I will be updating you on the studio’s latest events, class changes, new barre-tenders, nutrition guides, and whatever pops into my head that I think you might enjoy! I also wanted to introduce myself. It may seem to a lot of you that I (and Barre B) just popped out of nowhere and you’re kinda right! I was born in Portland but moved to Lakewood, a small suburb of SouthWest Denver, when I was 4 years old. I grew up in a family of hardworking, humble musicians and my childhood mostly consisted of piano recitals and taking care of the four children that came after ....

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