Zoey | Barre B

 near Medford


Despite a professed hatred of running and exercise, Zoey has actually been practicing yoga since she was 9 years old and has been dancing even longer. Continuing to dance through college, she also continued to expand her yoga practice, and became curious about other fitness styles that would build more strength. Barre was the perfect compliment to the things she already loved, but it quickly became so much more. She started practicing in 2013 when she moved to Austin, TX. She was certified as a Barre3 instructor in 2015. Her specific training involves lots of modifications and she believes that it’s important for every client to make class their own unique experience, day to day and week to week. In the studio she loves to pump the music and use the beat to help you work, she’s not interested in perfection, and she whole heartedly believe that a smile on your face can help you sink that one more inch. She loves to combine lower and upper body work to get the heart pumping and usually spends a little extra time on the back body (sometimes you gotta get that ass class in). Outside the studio, you can catch her teaching creative writing workshops in local elementary schools, choreographing with her dance/theatre company, or dinking coffee in the yard (okay…drinking coffee anywhere). Catch her on Saturdays for a burst of weekend energy or Wednesday evening to chill it out in gentle barre!

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