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 near Medford


Coming from a classical music background, this former piano teacher is living proof that anyone can do barre! Battling eating disorders was the main reason fitness became an important part of her life and inspired her to help others gain confidence through exercise. She became certified in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition in 2015 and ran her first marathon before discovering Barre later that same year on the island of Kauai. Immediately falling in love with how those one inch moves made her feel, she became certified through Barre Above and the rest is history. Opening Barre B gave her the title of “Youngest Gym Owner in the Country” and she is very happy to serve tucks, pulses, and plies to the Rogue Valley. Story’s favorite part of class is working the lower body on the barre and getting everyone to that oh-so-special “shake zone”. Her style is structured and deliberate, hitting every muscle group, and always providing modifications to have your very best class. She strongly believes in working out for yourself, your mental health, and (of course) that booty.

Outside the studio, Story will tell you that she loves hiking, songwriting, marathon training and wine tasting, but 99% of the time she’s just watching Forensic Files with her cat, Kevin.


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