Barre B Success Stories

Chic studio! Excellent trainers who make the class workout fun! Great full body workout focusing on your core strength. Do yourself a favor and take a class! ♥️

Michelle Vasquez

So glad to have a barre studio in Medford, great low impact yet challenging workout. Very knowledgeable staff.

Pamela Schwartz Czerny

The best all-body workout! Period! Results speak for itself...I’m in the best shape of my life, at age 45! Better than anything I’ve ever done to sculpt my body. I can’t get enough!!

Sayoko Kamei

Beautiful studio, amazing and sweet instructors! Only been going for a few weeks and have felt major strength and endurance changes in my body and my confidence! I’m hooked and would recommend to all of my friends! Give it a try! First class is free! Love my barre babes!

Jessica Empio

Great class! Was not what I was expecting in the very best way. It seems so easy and simple, but in fact takes technique and strength in your small muscles. Great workout!

Dawn Kovarik

I have been attending one Saturday class since the beginning of 2019. I love getting up and going to Barre B. The instructors are very sweet and helpful, and they don’t make you feel bad for having to adapt your workout to fit your physical abilities. I have noticed a big difference in my strength and balance and I feel I improve my technique each week. So happy to have found this low impact/high results workout here in Medford. Please go and check them out, you won’t be sorry.

Lauren Myers

It's an amazing place to go and work out without feeling self conscious at all. Both instructors are great and uplifting! I definitely recommend for everyone!

Krysta Bossard

Barre B studio is NOT your typical gym, yoga studio, or Pilates! I’ve done all kinds of exercises all my adult life, and I’ve never had such amazing physical changes as I have with Story at Barre B. Her class is fun, upbeat, and Easygoing. Story is the master of body alchemy! Go workout x3/week here. You will never have to worry about Summer bikini again!

Kama Kama

This is the best workout! So happy to finally have a barre studio in the area. The teachers are super knowledgable and have a great balance of pushing you while still nurturing your needs.

Carolina Rivera

Fun and inviting atmosphere! Great workout and something new to try!!

Jessie Boice

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